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A New “Miracle Stem Cell Anti-Aging

Anti-Wrinkle Skin Cream”

Why Marine Plant Stem Cells?

From Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

Marine plants are categorized as “extremophiles,” as they are able to survive and adapt to extreme, unstable environments. They are able to change, repair and provide protection from similar conditions that our skin faces every day. Specifically, Eryngium Maritimum is a plant that is able to protect itself against sun radiation, dehydration and oxidation.

Clinically, stem cell extracts from this plant have been observed to be effective in addressing aging disorders of the skin, especially superficial wrinkles and rough and dry skin. In my opinion, this is true nutrition directly for the skin.

Aging disorders of the skin are a common occurrence that affects everyone due to factors which affect the quality of our air, water and food. While the skin also reflects the condition of our internal organs, and a good skin repair program always includes improving the nutritional status and functioning of our vital internal organs, skin repair and rejuvenation can be greatly enhanced through the use of “nutrition for the skin” as can be derived using the stem cells of certain plants.

Anti-Wrinkle Marine Stem Cell Cream

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