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You can’t hide from EMF pollution – it’s everywhere – every home, office and outside area. It comes from such things as microwaves, cell phones, and high voltage power lines. Negative effects can include eyestrain, headaches, inability to concentrate, neck aches, irritability, depression, memory loss, weakened immune system and, in more extreme cases, birth defects and leukemia in children.Scientists suspect that the degree of aging and illness seen in people today has a lot to do with the cumulative burden of constant EMF exposure.External and environmental EMF’s are of significantly higher frequencies, typically unknown in nature, thereby creating unacceptable damage to our cells.Daily use of PEMF therapy helps significantly offset and neutralize the negative effects of damaging environmental magnetic fields. Utilize a personal UNS Neutralizer multiple times daily to protect yourself from the harmful damage caused by EMF pollution.The PURELIFE-- UNS Personal EMF Neutralizer effectively neutralizes harmful EMF signals with consistent daily use. The Neutralizer actively broadcasts an 8 Hz signal that effectively neutralizes harmful EMF signals. Its bio field interaction promotes regulation of biochemical, cellular and neurological processes through low frequency healthy electromagnetic fields utilizing an active radiant source. The UNS Neutralizer provides you with a portable disruptive field for EMF protection for you and your family and your patients.


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