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I started doing research - I was a voracious reader and one of the publications I read was Prevention Magazine. At the time it was the only mainstream “alternative” publication available. Reading that magazine helped me to connect some dots and I realized that it was likely that my diet was responsible for my poor health and my inability to heal. So at age 15, I decided to completely change my diet. I was working at the time as a babysitter making a dollar an hour, which was big money back in those days (1978). I spent all my money on my own food. I completely eliminated sugar, white flour and chemicals from my diet. I was also buying herbs I had researched in my local health food store, and made herbal concoctions in my bedroom. After a short period of time, my throat infection finally went away.




























A seed was planted in my head; perhaps one day I could help other people to improve their health through improvement of their diet and using the natural substances available that God has provided for us to heal our own bodies. But life took me on some twists and turns and I ended up working in the field of social work for 12 years, specializing in helping medically fragile and developmentally disabled individuals. Although the work was very rewarding, on my thirty second birthday I realized I wasn’t fulfilling my true purpose. I made the decision to attend chiropractic school so that I could more comprehensively help people fully restore their health, safely and naturally, without the need for drugs or surgeries.

graduated from the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic in 2000 and opened my private practice in New York City. In 2006 I discovered Nutrition Response Testing®- an amazing, effective technique for evaluating the nutritional needs of my patients and developing customized nutrition programs for them. I got such phenomenal results that I decided I needed to spread the word to other natural health practitioners. In 2010, I began traveling all over the US teaching my colleagues how to get the same great results. To date, I have helped to train literally thousands of practitioners in an effort to create a TRUE health care system in the United States of America.


My entire childhood was spent on and off antibiotics. I had frequent ear, throat and urinary tract infections. Both of my parents were heavy smokers and they did not usually feed me nutritious food. I was given a highly processed junk food diet filled with sugar, fast food, and chemicals. By the time I was fifteen, I had a strep throat infection that would not heal. I was put on one antibiotic after another and there was no improvement. It was the summertime and I was too sick to hang out with my friends and was basically stuck in bed. In desperation, I decided that medical doctors were ineffective at helping people with illness and I was determined to find my own solution.


I began making educational health videos in August, 2020 in an effort to help even more people to not be a victim of a system that poisons you with toxic processed food products and then uses toxic pharmaceutical drugs to suppress the symptoms of the toxicity. To quote one of my mentors

                                                  “One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedents of chemical therapy over nutrition. It is a substitution of artificial therapy over natural, of poison over food, in which we are feeding people poisons trying to correct the reactions of starvation.” Dr. Royal Lee, 1951

I continue to see patients at my private practice in NYC, where we offer nutrition, chiropractic, massage, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, thermography evaluations, organic skin care and safe body sculpting services. I also do virtual consults for people all over the world and offer virtual nutritional coaching. I have an adult son with some physical disabilities who lives and works with me, and I have two rescue pups, Heidi and Mino. In my “spare” time (haha) I perform as a member of a community theater group and a local comedy troupe. I can be seen on episodes of The Kong Show On TV.

About My Assistant -
Colleen Farquhar

My personal health story began in childhood, when I suffered with severe anxiety. I did not understand that this was not “normal” until college, where I met others with similar symptoms. After temporarily using medication to relieve the anxiety, I decided I would prefer to find natural methods of maintaining a relaxed state of being.

I taught myself how to eat a healthy diet and meditate, which became part of my lifestyle.


In 2014 I began working for a holistic nutritionist and chiropractor and my passion for nutrition grew. It felt good helping others get healthy and overcome their health challenges. 

In 2018, I met my true love and was blessed with a beautiful baby boy! I love being a mom and having a family of my own. My commitment to natural health has gotten even stronger, as I want to give my child the best possible chance at a joyous and healthy life.


I’m also a professional saxophonist and I play in several bands across the tri-state area. Additionally, I practice sound healing with tuning forks as a way to apply my musical gifts and natural healing abilities to help others get their bodies and energy fields back “in tune”.

I am very excited to work with Dr. Cori on our journey to restore health to people all over the world! You can reach me with any questions or scheduling requests at

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