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This exclusive Biocell Ultravital ™ product summarizes the scientific effort made for decades in the field of research and clinical study. Cellorgane Multicomplex covers very effectively specific cell treatments for both men and women. Cellorgane Multicomplex is available as an oral or injectable complex to normalize organic functions, as well as to improve physical wear and energy levels. Both presentations (oral and injectable) have been specifically formulated to be used by both men and women.


  • Optimal response of organic renewal. Stimulates, regulates and improves functioning immediately and


  •  Differential Therapy Cellorgane Multicomplex for Man. Cellorgane Multicomplex for Women.
  •  It has no side effects.
  •  It shows no interaction with other medications.
  •  Maximum safety and therapeutic efficacy: natural biological components.
  •  Tolerance tested and evaluated.
  •  Deep therapeutic action of organic renewal.
  •  Treatment of functional asthenia, myalgia and neurocirculatory problems, as well as disorders metabolic, respiratory and neurohormonals. Improves sexual capacity and memory.

 Dosage flexibility: injectable (500 mg) and oral (250 mg)
 Cellorgane Multicomplex for Men: Male disorders, loss of libido, stress and asthenia.
 Cellorgane Multicomplex for Women: Disorders before and after menopause, loss of libido, stress and asthenia

In which therapeutic areas does Cellorgane Multicomplex work?

Cellorgane Multicomplex acts on:

    Anti-aging treatments
    Decreased sex drive
    Imbalance of hormonal levels
    Polycystic ovarian syndrome (female)
    Premature menopause (woman)
    Chronic fatigue
    Andropause (man)

Cellorgane® Multi-Complex - Woman

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