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The leading challenges for contact lens patient compliance are dry eye, allergy, foreign body sensation and inflammation.

These drops contain powerful ingredients to stimulate tear film production, counter-act irritation, halt allergies and reduce foreign body sensation. Homeopathic Calendula is known to support corneal health and is indicated for corneal abrasions and erosions. The clarifying “Thin Drop” is preservative free and used as often as needed to alleviate dry, red, itchy, irritated eyes and is also OK with all contacts. The “Thick Drop” reduces mechanical irritation. Homeopathic drops are safe for children and nursing/pregnant women.



Both the Thin and Thick drops work similarly. They are a combination of some aspects of the Tear Stimulation Drops and the Allergy Desensitization Drop.  In addition, they contain Calendula, which is indicated for corneal health and vitality.


Instill one or two drops in the affected eye(s) upon waking to facilitate lens removal. Use as often as needed throughout the day to alleviate dryness, redness or discomfort.


None known.


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10 ML



Alumina HPUS 14x: Dryness due to lack of aqueous
Arsenicum album HPUS 9x: Dryness due to inflammation
Apis HPUS 6x & 12x: Pain, redness, edema, allergies
Euphrasia HPUS 6x: General dryness, redness and irritation of the eye and lids Calcarea phosphorica HPUS 12x: Foreign body sensation
Staphysagria HPUS 8x & 12x: Foreign body sensation
Sulphur HPUS 9x: Dryness, redness of eye and lid, allergies
Calendula HPUS 7x: Corneal healing/vitality

*Source: Materia Medica.


Purified water; Sodium chloride; (Non-preserved) Hypromellose; Citrates (buffers)




Polyaminopropyl biguanide is a gentle, effective preservative, parabens-free, and does not release formaldehyde. Cosmocil CQ is an easy-to-use water soluble preservative that has a broad spectrum of activity. It acts against bacteria including the tough gram negative pathogens, yeast and fungi. Cosmocil CQ is a low odor preservative with zero VOCs and is stable in both heat and light. Recommended storage is 2 years. This preservative has low eye and skin irritancy and low oral toxicity. Originally formulated for the eye and contact lens industry, Cosmocil CQ may be used up to 1.5%. Accepted in the EU, USA, Australia, Canada, China and pending approval in Japan. This preservative acts upon the unprotected cell membranes of microorganisms and is not consumed during activity. Microorganisms do not develop resistance to it. Both short and long term studies show little to no toxicity. Cosmcocil CQ was challenge tested in a variety of formulations including make-up remover, mascara and a non-ionic lotion. It was able to control the challenge microorganisms initially and when rechallenged at 28 days. Tested over two generations, this preservative is non-teratogenic, non-carcinogenic with no negative effects to reproductive systems.

Ortho-K Thick (Night) Eye Drops

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