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Rest Easy™is an antioxidant-rich fermented liquid dietary supplement rich in turemric and full spectrum, soil-based probiotic microorganisms.


Rest Easy™ is a unique product – high-quality turmeric root fermented in a probiotic blend. Plain turmeric is very hard to absorb… The fermentation process unlocks the power of turmeric and makes it much more available to your cells. Every sip of Turbocharged Turmeric packs billions of probiotics and loads of turmeric goodness


This is a carefully crafted blend of the vital natural probiotics that would be in or on your food if it were grown the way Nature intended it. Modern farming, harvesting, processing and shipping methods destroy these micro-organisms, resulting in sterile, lifeless ‘food’ that contributes little to your health, or in fact actively harms it. Restore your natural balance with this probiotic blend.

Rest Easy

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